Insurance and Warranty

Saveonboatloans offers a wide range of Insurance which we can include into your Pre-approval which can cover you for the following:

Boat Insurance: We understand that accidents occur ,no matter how careful you are in the water. We can Comprehensively insure the Boat for the first 12 months of the Loan then arrange a pay by month coverage for the following year. Hit the water knowing you are fully covered against anything you may cause or anyone else who may cause damage to your vessel. Peace of mind and travel with confidence knowing your boat is comprehensively covered at very competitive rates.

Loan Protection (Walkaway ): This will cover your repayments in the event you are unemployed, sick or injured during the course of the loan. It will even give you cover in the event of your death . This product is taken out at the time of the purchase of the boat and runs for the term of the Loan which will give you peace of mind that your are protected against anything that may come up unexpected.

Gap Cover: In the unfortunate event that your boat is stolen or written off during the Loan, GAP Cover will pay out the difference between what the insurer pays out and what is left on your Loan. The cost of this product could be low as $4 per week which we incorporate into your Loan so you know you are fully protected for the entire loan.

Warranty: Next to your house the next biggest purchase you make will be a boat, so why wouldn’t you want to protect it by covering it with a Warranty? We can cover you for a Boat Warranty for 12-60 months which safeguards you in the event of a fault or breakdown. It covers mayor mechanical hydraulic and electrical motor items on your vessel to give you security and peace of mind.

We can cover a Boat Warranty on a Dealer or Private Sale so ring us today on 1300 000 326.

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