New & Used Boat Loans

We can arrange finance for you for all types of marine products over a period of 5 years. We can also package with your Marine Loan Comprehensive Insurance, Loan Protection and a  Warranty . Payments can be made by either Direct Debit or B Pay with payments deducted Weekly , Fortnightly or Monthly.

Your Interest Rate will be a Fixed Rate with Interest calculated on the unpaid balance daily. You can make additional payments to reduce your Outstanding balance which will in turn reduce the amount of Interest you pay hence reducing the Interest Component and saving you money. This will shorten the term of the loan and the overall cost.

Even if we set this Loan up as a Secured Personal loan, you may be able to claim some Tax Deductions and Interest charges if the boat is used for business purposes. You can check with your Accountant to see whether this applies to you.

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