Commercial Boat Loans

We have a number of Commercial Boat Loan products suitable for businesses looking to purchase for commercial use. If you have any questions about business use boat loans, please call us on 1300 000 326 and speak to one of our Finance Experts.

Here are some of Commercial Products that we can provide you :

Hire Purchase-  This is a rental agreement with the goods automatically transferred to you or your business once you have completed the contract. You can claim some Tax deductions such as Interest paid and depreciation against your Business income but check with your Accountant who will give you more information. You can also have the option to pay a deposit or trade in toward the purchase price or a balloon at the end of the Contract which will reduce your monthly payments.

Whatever your requirements, call on 1300 000 326 and let us put a Commercial Loan together for you.

Chattel Mortgage- This is a Business Loan where the goods are taken as security and ownership also transferred to you once the final payment is made. Chattel Mortgage allows a business to claim the full input tax credit from GST in the next Financial Quarter .

Loan structures can be tailor made and similar to a Hire Purchase.

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